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Thesis Project



Master level: Identify a real-world problem and attempt to solve it through research, analyzing strategies, branding, and creating solutions. The solution includes multifaceted platforms that intend to help its audience in different ways through a cohesive visual and brand design.


We’ve all been there, we get stuck in a creative rut or get a mental block. This could be caused by things like Tunnel vision, Indecision, or Self-doubt. 

As a design student, creativity is something I have to tap into all the time, but despite that, creativity can be hard to access, new ideas and ways to solve creative problems are hard to come by and in turn we often get stuck in creative ruts. So my project goal is simple: It’s to help people overcome their creative obstacles and in turn also help myself overcome mine.


How? I believe that nostalgia is a very powerful tool that we can use to help jumpstart our creativity. We can use the past as an inspiration, copy it, transform it, and combine it into something new and interesting. *But not only that, feeling nostalgic helps put our minds at ease so we can better access the creative materials in our brain, play with new ideas, and create connections to things that we haven’t thought of before.

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